Elpoch, as far as you know, is divided into five primary kingdoms.


All races available in the 4e Players Handbook are available for play, but some are more common than others. Races are divided in to two groups, the Old Races and the New Races. There are also old and new races that are not playable. Examples of non-playable old races are orcs and goblinoids, neither of which deal regularly with the common races.

The Old Races

These are the races that have inhabited Elpoch for as far back as history remembers. There is nothing inherently magical about them, but members of these races can learn to harness the new magical powers that now exist.

  • Human – Humans are the most populous race, but not by a large margin. They do business with all of the other Old Races, but generally favor their own kind.
  • Elf – Elves tend to fill scholarly roles in society. A relatively high percentage are receptive to the possibilities the new magic offers.
  • Half-Elf – Members of this hybrid race are sometimes born of Human and Elf parents, but are more often born of other Half-Elves.
  • Dwarf -
  • Halfling -
  • Goliath -
  • Half-orc -

The New Races

The new races did not exist before The Incursion. Each race is a mix of members who were transformed from an Old Race into a new one, and those who seem to have simply manifested. There is much debate as to whether The Manifested, as they are called, actually appeared out of nowhere, or if they simply lost their memories during transformation. Either way, they have no concrete memories of who they were before The Incursion. The ones who do remember their past selves are called The Transformed.

  • Dragonborn – Elpoch, like our world, always had ancient tales of Dragons. Dragonborn were given their name due to their resemblance to the mythical beasts. There are rumors now, however, that their mythical cousins may now be very real, but there are no confirmed reports of this.
  • Eladrin – Resembling Elves, these graceful being have a natural proclivity for magic. While none can remember dealing in with the arcane arts before The Incursion, they approach magic as if they had been mastering it for many generations.
  • Teifling – These humanoids have a bestial quality. They are drawn to magic and often seek clues about the causes of The Incursion in ancient lore.
  • Deva – These immortal spirits have taken on physical form. They carry trace memories from thousands of past lives. There is a debate as to whether these lives were lived in Elpoch, or some other realm.
  • Gnome – Many of gnomes who
  • Shifter


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